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Anastacia Sadeh


Artist Statement

My work, in a broad sense, reflects my love of abstract process and mark making as an emotional conduit.  I am very drawn to the visual presence of feeling within most marks and colors. Behind my own marks rest a myriad of emotions and thoughts- some concrete, some subconscious.  My objective is to gather a deeper awareness of my emotions' existence, and then process this construct through my work. 

I primarily use acrylics, Venetian plaster, coarse molding paste, graphite, and charcoal on either paper, canvas, or wood panel.  Creating layers as a visual objective is a recurring theme in my pieces. It reflects how my choices in life build upon themselves to form who I am.  I love the echo of how purposeful and accidental marks work together when visual harmony is achieved. 

My work displays an emotional record of spirituality as I learn to carve it out of each varying day.  My pieces are often a response to resisting 'busy'.  I define 'busy' as emotional, spiritual, and mental clutter.  I define 'clutter' as anything kept around for reasons that do not serve my greater sense of peace and harmony.  I acknowledge both conscious and subconscious impulses as well as their resulting circuitous paths on a journey to find the proverbial pot of gold - peace.    

My pieces use a visual mix of abstract marks and punctuated realism.  Abstract images evoke unrealized emotions.  My images are therefore meant to be felt, existing outside the constraint of language.  They express visually emotional messages and triggers.  When I do include recognizable objects in my work they serve as an instructional role to convey a concrete thought about which I am curious.  


My Experience.. so far

Since childhood my default has been to visualize my experiences.  I drew pictures for hours as a girl, feeling drawn to art's non-verbal expressions.  It was natural.  I understood my world best through other senses that weren't primarily literal.  My penchant for visual art continued through my schooling and I received a BFA with majors in art history as well as printmaking/drawing from Washington University in St. Louis, studying under Joan Hall, Peter Marcus, and Lisa Bulawsky.  Shortly after graduating,  I taught 2-D foundational  arts courses at Lovett School in Atlanta, Georgia.  From there I moved to St. Paul, MN where I joined the AZ Cooperative Gallery and exhibited my early work through multiple group exhibits and 2 solo shows.  After 3 years of Minnesota winters, my husband and I moved to Dallas, Texas where I continued to weave my need for visual creativity into my hopes of creating a family.  My experience as a mother has shed a deeper light on my life and thus my work. The depth of experience from my own existence coupled with sharing in my children's experiences continues to offer a powerhouse of empathy and awareness from which to draw.   Currently, I enjoy being a member off the TVAA Gallery in downtown Dallas and I enjoy sharing my work through local venues.  I am also involved in the Plano Art Association and like participating in their Art and Wine Walks.  Most recently, I joined the Creative Art Center of Dallas and look forward to continuing to pursue my creative process there.


My Vision

My work conveys my acknowledgment and acceptance of the encountered feelings and emotional experiences of each present day.  It is the life that runs through all my work, really.  Sometimes I deal with it directly, but sometimes I don't.  It is my vision that when people look at my pieces, they will gain  encouragement through my own pursuit of vulnerability to accept our mutually shared and beautifully stained humanity.   

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